Meet the Tooth Fairy

Meet the tooth fairy
  • Name: You can just call me the Tooth Fairy.
  • Birth Date: September 2, 1908  
  • I have been in dental for: 113 years
  • My start date with Verber Dental Group was: August 31, 2021
  • My favorite part of my job is: Tooth Fairy Time at CVPD
  • One of my secret skills is: Swapping teeth for coins and special surprises
  • On the weekends and free time, I am often: Paying visits to children all over the world to collect their teeth!
  • I have never: Collected a tooth without leaving something special behind
  • The best movie ever is: “The Tooth Fairy” written by Esther Watkins Arnold
  • The best salty or sweet snack is: Apples
  • My favorite candy is: Sugar-free lollipops
  • My favorite sports teams are: Magic Wand Warriors & Dental Floss Champs
  • My ‘Up to Bat Walkout Song’ would be: Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth
  • My favorite places to shop are: Toothbrush Boutique & Mouthwash Mall
  • My hero is: Santa Claus