Tongue and Lip Tie Procedures

Tongue-Ties + Lip Ties

Is your infant having difficulty nursing?

Make clicking noises while feeding?

Often suffering from gas or reflux?

Does your child struggle with speech? 

Have a strong gag reflex or snore?

Your child may have a lip-tie or tongue-tie. While not life-threatening, they are treatable with a short procedure at our office.
Frenectomy with the CVPD team
Watch the following VIDEO with Dr. Jacqueline Caster to learn more!
Frenums are soft tissue attachments that connect the floor of the mouth to the tongue and the upper/lower lip to the gum tissue. 
In some instances, the upper/lower lip or tongue frenums may be restricted or tight causing issues in a child.
A restricted frenum in an INFANT may lead to difficulty nursing or taking a bottle, gas, reflux, colic, clicking/smacking noises while feeding, or milk leaking from the mouth while eating.
A restricted frenum in an older CHILD may result in feeding issues, speech delay, a strong gag reflex, or snoring.
Tongue-ties and lip-ties are treated by a surgical procedure called a FRENECTOMY where the restricted frenums are released.
At Cumberland Valley Pediatric Dentistry, we offer frenectomy procedures using the LightScalpel CO2 laser which allows the procedure to be completed in a few seconds.